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Glen Scotia Distillery


Founded in 1832, the Glen Scotia Distillery is one of three active distilleries (with Springbank and Glengyle) in the Campbeltown region of Scotland. It produces superb whiskies incorporating all the typical features of this region in Scotland which, let us not forget, was once the historical capital of Scotch whisky. At the beginning of the 20th century, American prohibition dealt a serious blow to the distillery, causing it to close its doors on several occasions. In 1999, the distillery's production was resumed, in particular by Springbank workers who came to help out and keep the Campbeltown legacy alive.  


A historic heritage 

Since then, its new owner has gotten a handle on things and invested heavily to sustain the activity of the distillery. In the works: the renovation of the original architecture to make the region more attractive to tourists, the search for new fermentation procedures to improve the quality of the whiskies, the refurbishing of the stills, and the reconfiguration of the factory to allow for the casks to be in direct contact with the sea air of the west coast of Scotland. The objective is clear: restore the noble status of Campbeltown whiskies, which are all too often forgotten. So far, so good: the line named after the distillery keeps growing and growing, and has now reached a new generation of fans of authentic whiskies.


Iain McAlister

Distillery Manager

Born in Campbeltown, Iain McAlister has been at the head of the Glen Scotia Distillery for nearly ten years. Highly involved in the everyday management of the production of the line of single malt whiskies named after the distillery, he ensures the quality of the whiskies leaving the stills. 

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Glen Scotia

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