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French, vegan and gluten-free ciders!

Galipette is a French cider made from ripe apples bursting with vitality that are harvested with care by the cooperative "Les Celliers Associés" which comprises 400 growers. Together they strive to apply responsible practices to the management of their orchards and 250 apple varieties. The rounded shape of these lovely amber bottles harbors all the natural aromas of cider made from 100% fermented apple juice. Crafted using centuries-old techniques, Galipette cider is made in Brittany and Normandy from regional apples.


Products of the brand

From the harvesting of the apples to the bottling of the cider, each step of the manufacturing process is carefully carried out according to century-old traditions. The range is divided into 5 expressions more or less sweetened, fermented, with or without alcohol.

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