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Aqua Collection

The Bernard family returns to its roots and presents a preview of its Aqua collection. Lucien Bernard paved the way for several generations of master distillers with great expertise in the brandy sector. And for good reason: with over 200 different wine spirits and 25 million liters being aged, Lucien Bernard created tailor-made brandies for international brands.


Products of the brand

Produced and matured in Bordeaux, these spirits include a wide range of grape varieties as well as very different methods of distillation and sensory experiences. Discover Aqua Cristal (white wine spirits) and Aqua Amber (brandy), crystallizing decades of expertise.

Société Valdronne - Famille Bernard distillery

Located on the quays of Bordeaux, the Valdronne company is managed by the Bernard family, historically one of the most important wine merchants in Bordeaux. In constant search of excellence and new challenges, the family has developed its own range of spirits whose common point is to meet the highest standards of quality. 

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